Copper offers a character and durability that no other metal roof can match. Its appearance can complement any style of building, from the traditional to the modern. Its warmth and beauty make it a preferred material for many architects.

The use of copper is based upon traditional practices proven over many years. There are numerous examples of copper roofs which have been in place one or more centuries. Copper's resistance to the elements ranks among the highest of modern roofing materials.

When properly designed and installed, a copper roof provides an economical, long-term roofing solution. Its low life cycle costs are attributable to the low maintenance, long life and salvage value of copper. Unlike many other metal roofing materials, copper requires no painting or finishing.

Through its natural weathering process, the warm bronze tones can be expected to lead to the elegant green patina finish. There are also a number of methods available to retard or accelerate the weathering process. These methods are currently under study, with results to be issued in subsequent updates. See Finishes Section for current information, or contact CDA.

The ductility and malleability of copper make it an easy material to form over irregular roof structures. Domes and other curved roof shapes are readily handled with copper.

In recent years, new tools and installation methods have been introduced that aid in the quick, proper, and economical installation of copper roofs.

KME TECU Gold Copper Roofing Scotland

KME TECU Gold Roofing

A copper alloy with a long-lasting warm, brown golden surface. Façade solutions give buildings a discreet value image.

KME TECU Oxid Copper Roofing Scotland

KME TECU Oxid Roofing

The aesthetic appearance of an attractive, naturally oxidised surface right from the moment it is installed.

KME TECU Patina Copper Roofing Scotland

KME TECU Patina Roofing

Copper material, patinated green on one side. The natural green patina of copper impresses right from the outset.

KME TECU Premium Copper Roofing Scotland

KME TECU Premium Roofing

We round off the range of TECU® products with a light bronze, by alloying our copper with a small proportion of tin.

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