Made to last a life time. An aluminium roof is corrosion resistant and does not rust.

PREFA roofs are covered with a colour coating which gives the material added protection. Even if small areas become damaged during installation, bare aluminium reacts with oxygen to form a natural oxide layer. Unlike some other metal sheet roofs which are not made from aluminium, your PREFA aluminium roof is guaranteed to remain rust-free.

10% weight – 100% quality. An aluminium roof is ideal for renovations.

An aluminium roof weighs about 1/10th of a tiled roof. With a dead weight of just 2.3 to 2.6 kg/m², an aluminium roof covering is particularly lightweight — and can be mounted on virtually any roof pitch. The advantage: in most cases, older roof structures do not require any extra reinforcement which saves money and time and reduces worry.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and exhibited by many a roof.

The roof plays a central role in architecture. Whether a gable roof, hip roof, mono-pitched roof, dome or barrel roof – PREFA’s aluminium roofs allow virtually limitless scope for design. And there are endless possibilities in terms of colours and shades too. You will be astounded at what’s possible. This is due not least to the fantastic range of colours which includes over 15 different shades. Do you require a specific colour? Ask us — in most cases, we can create your special colour for you. So every building is unique. There are no limits to your imagination or creativity.

Recent Projects

Crookfur Early Years Centre - PREFA Aluminium Roofing Glasgow

PREFA Aluminium Roofing

Crookfur Early Years Centre

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