Stainless Steel

Fully Supported Roofs
Stainless steel can be laid in lengths between 14 – 30 metres. Widths depend on the project location (sheltered, normal or exposed) and wind zone requirements. Such roofs are covered by BS EN 502:2000 – ‘Roofing products from metal sheet- Specification for fully supported products of stainless steel sheet’.

Stainless steel roofs are normally fully supported using either plywood, timber, rigid insulation or a structural composite panel. If using plywood, a minimum 19mm exterior grade ply is recommended. Sheets should be laid over an underlay designed specifically for use with metal roofing systems.

Stainless Steel Façades
Standing seam façades can be installed with long lengths, typically up to 6 metres. They can also be carried from the façade into the roof.

These provide a high standard of flatness and scope for project-specific manufacture as dimensions can be adapted to meet any technical or fixing considerations. Cassettes can be square or rectangular, flat or curved, perforated or stamped and are folded on all sides. This enables them to be installed vertically or horizontally using either interlocks or mechanical fixings. They can be removed individually for maintenance or replacement.

Interlocking panels and shingles
Defined by a linear appearance, interlocking panels can be used on flat or curved surfaces with variation achieved either through use of different panel thicknesses (0.5 – 1.5 mm) or a variety of surface finishes.

Interlocking panels can be either square, rectangular or lozenge shape and are fixed on a continuous, rigid wooden support or a secondary framework. Fixings are on all four sides.

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