elZinc Roofing Specialists Scotland


elZinc® not only provides great aesthetic value to your roofing and façade, it also ensures that they will remain intact over the years.

NedZink Roofing Specialists Scotland


NedZink is the leading Dutch zinc manufacturer of rolled titanium zinc for applications in façade cladding, roof covering and roof gutters.

RHEINZINK Roofing Specialists Scotland


The RHEINZINK alloy composition provides the material the necessary strength while allowing the product to be easily shaped.

VMZINC Roofing Specialists Scotland


VMZINC has a variety of zinc colours for innovative visions. VMZINC building products are highly flexible and durable.

ZM Silesia Zinc Roofing Specialists Scotland

ZM Silesia Zinc

Produced from the highest purity zinc SHG 99.995% with additions of copper and titanium and available in three finishes.

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